Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

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Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

I was asked this question not long ago – can dogs eat shrimp? To be honest, I never really thought about it. I’ve given my dogs shrimp in the past. Out of all three of them, no one got sick from it. The shrimp were cooked of course. They also didn’t contain any seasoning my dogs can’t have.

Seasonings are one area where humans should be careful. Onion powder, garlic powder. These two seasonings, over time, can be fatal. So, my shrimp were naked as you might say. No garlic or seasoning.

After cooking the shrimp and giving it to my dogs, they were happy as clams! It was fine for their digestion. I didn’t see any upset stomachs the next day. They were their normal, energetic selves.

Does this mean all dogs can eat shrimp?

The Breakdown Into Shrimp’s Nutritional Role.


I love shrimp! I love all shrimp! Scampi, cocktail, in pasta. You name it, I love it. So, naturally I would give my dogs shrimp on occasion. This isn’t to say that I give it them often. In Alaska, shrimp can be expensive. It’s a rare treat that my dogs get the same shrimp we eat. What’s in shrimp anyway?

Well, shrimp are actually really, really go for us. As far as humans go anyway. They contain glucosamine. Glucosamine is a natural joint lubricant. Helps us as we age, or our joints deteriorate.

They also are very low in fat. One shrimp contains 84 calories. In that, the protein is 18 grams. On top of that, lots of other good stuff too.

  • Selenium – Contains antioxidants
  • Vitamin B12 – Helps with brain and nervous functions
  • Iron – Helps with energy, body temperature, gastrointestinal issues
  • Niacin – Helps with cholesterol
  • Phosphorous – Helps with nerves and muscle function
  • Zinc and others – Helps heal wounds and keep the immune system strong

Does all this nutritional data mean it’s good for my dogs?

Dogs Digestion Compared to Humans.

Dogs, over the course of their years have been living beside humans for centuries. We’ve actually been feeding dogs table scraps since man first wanted dog as a companion. This may sound odd, but dog food wasn’t even created until the 1800’s.

This means that dogs have been eating what we eat for a very, very long time.

Imagine the fishing towns. They have dogs. Almost the entire world has dogs. I would imagine that if I was a shrimp boat captain, then I would throw a shrimp or two to my dogs on the boat. Even if I didn’t take them on the boat with me, at dinner, I would chuck some shrimp their way.

Dogs digestion over years have evolved from wolves. Their intestines have shortened in order to digest the human foods we give them. However, the evolution I’m speaking of is for digesting and using complex carbohydrates. So, you’re asking, what about shrimp? Can they eat it?

Can Dogs Actually Eat Shrimp?

Yes, they can. I do want to write a word of caution though. Shrimp, when raw, can contain worms. I know, it’s gross to think about. However, all seafood runs the risk of containing worms. I’ve seen it firsthand in a salmon. We were gutting it on the river and when we cut into it, it was full of very long worms.

Personally, I would have thrown the salmon back. I didn’t even want to cook it. However, my friends decided to keep it. It was pretty gross inside, I will say.

The same poses a true risk with raw shrimp. Now, dogs can digest things we can’t. If you have a dog, then you know they’ve gotten into the trash. Rotten food. It doesn’t seem to upset their stomachs. But, this does not protect them from worms.

Worms in Shrimp and Seafood.

Worms in any seafood are a parasite. They live in the host and feed from that host. The same poses true for shrimp and all other forms of seafood. Just because they’re so delicious, does not mean they don’t pose a risk to your dog. Worms

Cooking seafood is the only sure-fire way to kill the worms. Or, freezing them. You can opt for that option as well. In order to kill the parasites though, you have to freeze at -4 F for a minimum of 7 days.

For me, I cook things. Even giving my dogs salmon, I cook it. The worms I saw that day in that salmon – well, that’s something you can never unsee. It has marred my idea of taking a fish and cutting a piece off right then. Nope, I’m good.

Even for my dogs, I cook the seafood. This way, I don’t have to worry about worms getting inside them and making them sick. Plus, it’s very easy to cook up some shrimp. Once they’re pink, they’re good to go.

Now, what about farmed shrimp?

The Difference In Farmed VS Natural.

Farmed shrimp. Where to start with this. Okay, one thing I’m adamant about – I will not eat farmed shrimp. For one, it tastes pretty gross compared to wild shrimp. In Alaska, we get shrimp and lots of it. The farmed stuff cooks weird. It tastes slimy. It’s just all sorts of gross.

When it comes to dogs and farmed shrimp though, I would stay away. Why? Farmed shrimp contain pesticides and chemicals. Dogs don’t handle chemicals the same as we do. See, they haven’t been eating junk like fast food since they were able to sit at a table. In humans, we’re accustomed to eating junk. Well, not myself personally. It destroys my digestive system to where I am not loving life the next day.

Dogs are the same. They can get very sick ingesting chemicals. It causes them to be gassy. They can get diarrhea and so on.

When it comes to shrimp, choose wild. Always choose natural for your dogs.

Yes – Dogs Can Eat Shrimp.

Dogs happy

Hopefully, you now know that yes, your dogs can eat shrimp. I would advise to cook it of course. Don’t forget my worms story. Ew. Leave the salt and other spices out of it though. Dogs don’t do well with spices and seasonings. To them, food is just fine without all that nonsense. They simply love the taste of food in its natural state.

Some might argue that shrimp are high in cholesterol. This is true. However, there have been studies that show that eating shrimp can raise your HDL levels, which is good, according to

So, dogs are the same when it comes to cholesterol. Meaning, I wouldn’t worry about my dogs cholesterol unless I was feeding them an American diet. I can say this, I’m American. Fast food everywhere. Fried foods, etc. All this leads to a high cholesterol in many of us. For my dogs though, they don’t get this junk.

I feed them a diet that is a very healthy dog food brand. I give them raw beef on occasion. Cooked chicken and seafood. They seem to be very healthy dogs, with very good checkups from their vets.

In essence, I will continue to give my dogs cooked shrimp as a special treat on occasion. Like I said, it’s expensive!


*Are Shrimp Bad for You?  A Study on Shrimp and Cholesterol, 2010-2020,

8 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

  1. Hi Katrina,
    a very useful text on dog nutrition. I didn’t know dogs could eat shrimp! But dogs are really omnivorous. My dog ​​Monty eats all kinds of sweets. Although they say that chocolate is not good for dogs, he is a real fan of chocolate ice cream! She also loves popcorn. Your post gave me the idea to offer him shrimp as well. We can’t imagine what all dogs can eat. It’s just important to feed them healthy. Wonderful text and the whole site!

    1. Ha, that’s too funny that your dog loves chocolate ice cream Danijela! I always wondered if certain foods are as toxic for dogs as vets claim them to be. Just like with humans, we have allergies, and some allergies can be extremely dangerous. I often wonder if some breeds of dogs have similar allergies to foods and we base those allergies on all dogs. Maybe that’s where the all dogs can’t have chocolate came into play? I’ve seen some people feed their dogs, literally, what they eat for dinner every night. Many of these dogs live very long, healthy lives. I think they’re more like us than we admit. Especially when it comes to food.

      Thanks for stopping by! I love hearing about your dog loving chocolate ice cream!


  2. Interesting post and something I have never really considered before. I give my dog scraps from the table from time to time, the only thing I really watch out for his chocolate. Have always heard it is bad for dogs, although I have no idea if that is even true, but I stay away from giving it to him.

    The worm thing is definitely pretty gross! I do a lot of fishing and there is no question they can have some in them, especially depending on the time of the year. Cook them really good!

    Thanks for the post, my little dog Scamp will be pleased to know he can continue to have the odd piece of shrimp here and there!

    1. Robb,

      Glad you enjoyed this one! I give my dogs lots of scraps from the table too, I’ll admit. She eats a very well, balanced diet of kibble, and we eat pretty healthy ourselves, so I never worry about what we give her unless there’s onions in it. I’m still always worried about the onion consumption of my baby.

      Your dog will love shrimp, I can tell you that! I’ve never seen a dog turn their nose up at it!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. As a dog lover I am always worried about my dogs diet and not being an expert I am always asking my self what can I feed him. I have never thought about shrimp as I usually always stat with the main meats on his diet.

    Knowledge is power and now knowing that it is an option I can possibly try it . Your information on if we do provide them shrimp how we should provide it. This is crucial as humans we wouldn’t eat raw shrimp but also we don’t want to season it.

    How often do you think we should include shrimp in our dogs diet.?

    Thank you.

    1. Elias,

      I wouldn’t recommend feeding your dog shrimp every day or in large amounts, only because of the mercury that shellfish contains. But, if you eat it weekly, that’s totally fine for your dog. There are treats and food specially made for dogs that comes from shrimp, but I’m weary of anything manufactured for dogs that contains fish. I say this, because I know a lot of the US shrimp sources come from farmed shrimp now. Even going to Walmart and shopping for shrimp (which, I don’t do now because it’s almost impossible to find wild shrimp) you have to look on the back of every bag to see if it’s farmed or wild. Most of the frozen varieties are indeed farmed.

      So, for me, whenever I do make shrimp, which is probably every few weeks, I always throw some morsels to my babies. They love them just as much as we do in the family!

      Hope this helps! Your dog will LOVE you for it!!


  4. Katrina,

    Thank you for this excellent article! Feeding dogs whole foods has become popular lately (at least from what I’ve seen), but I’ve never considered feeding shrimp to my pup. It’s great to know that it isn’t harmful to them. Although your note about seasonings was especially helpful—I had no idea that onion powder and garlic powder can be fatal to dogs! I also appreciated your information about worms in seafood and choosing between farmed vs. natural shrimp. All valid concerns, and none that I would have considered otherwise. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hi Femi,

      Absolutely! I’m always conscious about what I eat, where it came from, is it healthy, and what side effects will I feel from it? I feel the same way about what I feed my dogs and will they be okay. I’m all for what’s good for us and the planet.

      As for the seasoning, I posted a really good article on that not long ago. You can find it here.

      You’ll probably enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed writing it.

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed this one!


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