Daily Exercise Is Important For Dogs

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Daily Exercise Is Important For Dogs

Many dog owners may not know that daily exercise is important for dogs. Not just for their overall health, but also for their demeanor. I have two Pocket Bullies that are females. As most of you may already know, they’ve fought in the past. And I’m not talking about just a disagreement. No, I’m talking about a full on fight. The one that lasted over twenty minutes was pretty scary for me. Especially since I wasn’t able to break it up.

Since then, I’ve been diligent about taking Atlas and Muse for their daily walks. While they both need some additional leash training, especially Muse, I’ve noticed a huge improvement since taking them both at the same time. Especially after they’ve fought.

In fact, last Thursday they had a little spat, that thankfully, my husband and I were able to break it up fairly quickly. I immediately took them for a walk together right after.

This does a couple of things:

A Walk Together Creates A Bond.

When you have several dogs that live together, you already know that there can be issues between them. Dogs have a weird hierarchy that humans have only begun to touch base on. Sure, there’re loads of information out there, but who really knows what’s going on inside a dogs head? I can usually guess, and be fairly close when they seem agitated, but I still can’t read minds!

However, I do notice a vast improvement in their attitude towards each other after I take them for their daily walks. And, in a sense, it helps them to bond together more as sisters, versus taking them individually. During the walk, they will often sense each other’s excitement over new smells. Atlas or Muse will sway to the side of the grass, and stop to smell something. Once one hones in on that smell, the other becomes instantly interested and wants to smell as well.

They always seem so happy to smell new things together. Yes, they will often pee on whatever it is they smell, and the other will just have to pee on the same thing. Immediately after, they have a certain bounce in their gait that is just too cute!

Walking Side by Side is Important.

I’ve also noticed that if I don’t walk them side by side, there’s a different overall feel to their demeanor. It’s amazing to notice the difference in how they react to things outside when they walk side by side, versus one on each side. One on each side of me, almost creates a distance to them. It’s odd trying to put it into words. But, I sense a difference.

However, when I make sure they’re side by side, I can see that their overall happiness is elated. They bounce more, even off of each other in a sense of direction. They also seem to smile more and seem more happy, more focused on the outside world. Their ears are perked up in happiness, their tongues loll as they smile, and they love touching each other the entire time.

When I’ve attempted separate leashes and one on either side of me, they glance at each other the entire time out of the corner of their eye. They’re more wary of the things they see, and often will even seem agitated. So, I stopped doing that the very first time, and instead just keep them side by side now.

It Helps with Their Overall Health.

Dogs are like humans in that they need to keep moving. Daily exercise is important for dogs because it keeps the blood flowing, and it helps to keep their weight in check. Just like with us, we need to keep moving, especially as we get older. Sitting in one spot for too long can cause us to become stiff, and our muscles tend to get angry at us when we stop moving. Why?

Well, blood needs to circulate in order for our joints to be healthy. It also helps with cardiovascular health and heart health. Dogs are the same. They also need daily exercise to get some energy out. Now, not all dogs will be able to walk with you, so keep that in mind. Very small dogs, like my small Chihuahua’s get enough exercise just running through the house. But, they are only about 3 lbs. Atlas and Muse though? They’re big dogs. This requires some daily exercise in some form for them.

Daily Exercise keeps the Fights at Bay.

This morning, I woke up and did my normal routine. It starts off with coffee first thing, then I open my computer to check on my articles and my overall views. Basically, I sit down with a cup of coffee and start my work day. After coffee, I take my shower and get ready to face the world. Normally, this is where I try to come up with my next article.

This morning however, Atlas and Muse were playful. This might seem normal to you, and it is, but their play can turn into a fight very quickly. I’m assuming it’s because one gets too playful, and the other isn’t feeling it. Or, maybe one bites too hard and the other says, “Hey! Too much!” It quickly escalates from there. So this morning, when Atlas was trying to jump all over Muse, I knew it was time to take them out. As soon as I sensed this pent-up energy, and I said to my daughters, “Well, apparently it’s time to take them out,” the dogs knew exactly what I was talking about.

Both Atlas and Muse went right to the door, sat down and stared up at their leash. They knew, that I knew they needed to get it out. So, at least an hour each day, and now they’re passed out again. It’s lovely knowing they’re not trying to start anything and they’re sound asleep as I type away.

Final Words on Daily Exercise is Important for Dogs.

There are so many breeds out there that need daily exercise. It’s important to know what kind of dog you’re getting before you get one. Some dogs need more than just an hour a day. Jack Russell’s for example are extremely high energy and need several spurts of exercise within a day.

Great Danes are leggy, but they need to stretch those legs during the day. Small, confined spaces will often lead to bone degeneration in Danes, so daily walks are important for them as well. Then you have your tiny breeds, and daily walks can be too much for the very small dogs. A simple jaunt to the mail box might be all they need.

I will say, the daily exercise for Atlas and Muse had made a vast improvement in how they act towards each other. Now, don’t get me wrong, some days I’m just not feeling it. When these days happen, I still get in the car and simply take them to a fenced in area where they can run and play. But I make it a priority for them to get it daily, simply to keep them safe and healthy.

How do you get yours dogs energy out? Daily walks? Runs? Bike rides?

2 thoughts on “Daily Exercise Is Important For Dogs

  1. Hi Katrina,

    Your dogs in the video are so cute and healthy…I cannot imagine they fight together in your previous articles, and I hope everything is good now.

    I used to have a labrador with my partner a few years ago, and she needed lots of exercise. There were always some rainy days that you cannot take her out, and she became grumpy & unhappy.

    So, when the sunny days came, I took her out 2-3 times or more, normally after breakfast and in the afternoon. Sometimes, I took her out when I jogged. She would follow me and become a good running partner, and that was when I realized why people said having a dog is a good way to keep in shape. Haha… I always remember the smile on her face after each walk or jog. 🙂


    1. Matt,

      That’s so awesome! Annie, my dog that passed last year was my running buddy! She was always ready to go for a run with me. I would just put my shoes on and she knew it was time to go. Unfortunately, my two dogs that I have now aren’t good for running companions. Their very short legs and stocky bodies don’t do well with running more than 20 feet or so, and that’s usually just at a jogging pace. But that’s okay. I stopped running last year after my knees starting giving me crap for running. Now I just walk and they love it!

      They haven’t had another fight actually since I’ve been doing some solid training and exercise with them. They’ve been very happy pups since then. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and I’m sure they’ll be just fine! As you can see, they love walking with me!

      Thanks for stopping by Matt!


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