My Dog Sleeps All Day.

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My Dog Sleeps All Day.

If this is the first you’re visiting my site, All about Atlas, then you may not know. Last week, we attempted pregnancy with her. We’re not sure if it took. With dogs, it takes 22 days for the puppies to form. In that time, we can get her checked at the Vet. They will be able to do an Ultra Sound and see if it was successful. In the meantime, my dog sleeps all day. Why?

Could be for other factors if the pregnancy didn’t take. Dogs, like us, sometimes just get tired. I don’t think it’s an underlying medical condition. She’s perfectly healthy otherwise. But if it was, what could it be?

Underlying Medical Conditions.

Dogs, like us, can get sick. They can get diabetes, heart problems, etc. If you’ve changed your dogs medication, they can become lethargic all of a sudden. Maybe you’ve changed their diet recently (which is not advisable. Always change their diet slowly over time).

Dogs can also have metabolic changes, especially with age. My older dog, Annie, was very old earlier this year. She had turned 14 in April and during the last months, she was always tired. Rarely getting up, even to eat or drink. She just slept all day, not moving from her bed. Obviously, this worried me. A lot. But she was old, so I knew it was coming.

Dogs go through changes just like we do. With certain changes, they can become very tired. Not just with age, or with medical conditions. There could be other factors.

Changes With The Weather.

In Alaska, we are in the darkest time of the year right now. Up North, there are some villages that don’t see daylight at all. Not until January in fact. In Barrow, the sun set a while back in November. It won’t come up again until next year.

In Anchorage, we see the sun rise at 10:14am and it’ll set at 3:42pm. 5 hours. That’s all we get right now. Dogs, unlike cats, are not nocturnal. My Mom’s cats are very active at night when she goes to bed. My dogs however, are not. They sleep with us and go to bed when we do.

Sure, they have to wake up throughout the night to go the bathroom. They’re not that different from us, honestly. But then, it’s right back to bed when they’re done. All three of my dogs have been sleeping non-stop these past few weeks. Maybe it’s the kids at friend’s houses. Normally when the kids are here, the dogs are playing with them. Instead, I’m here typing away during the day and I’m no fun.

Maybe She’s Pregnant.

On top of the weather change, it could be that Atlas is pregnant. This doesn’t explain my other two dogs, however. Though they’re older and sleep a lot anyways. In the summer months, they’re always outside on the deck. But usually asleep in the sun.  But, pregnancy could be why my dog sleeps all day.

The one I’m keeping a close eye on is Atlas, though. Last week, we attempted pregnancy twice. No vet would do a hormone test, so we had to wing it. The natural way, as nature intended. This week, she’s sleeping all day long. Yesterday, she didn’t play with a single toy until about 6pm. Now, that’s not to say that she won’t go for rides with me. She still goes everywhere I go.

If I don’t take Atlas along, she gets very mad at me. She holds a grudge. So, if I say, “You wanna go Bye-Bye with Mommy?” She jumps up, ready to go. No doubt in her mind, she goes everywhere with me. Otherwise, she stands at the door the whole time I’m gone. The kids will tell me she whines the entire time. Then, when I get home, initially, she smells all over to make sure I’m okay. Then, I get the cold shoulder. But she checks me out first.

When To Be Concerned.

I’ve mentioned a few reasons why my dog sleeps all day. Something is wrong medically. Weather changes. Pregnancy. When should you be concerned with your dog sleeping all the time? If they don’t want to eat or drink. Also, if they don’t want to wake up to do normal activities with you. Such as taking a walk or going for a ride.

Several reasons that you might want to take your dog to the vet. I’m not overly concerned right now for my dogs. Personally, I want to sleep all day. It’s dark! It’s cold. Well, today isn’t cold actually. It’s 36 degrees F or 2 degrees C. That’s pretty warm for Alaska.

If I didn’t feel tired myself, and want to sleep all day, I might be more concerned. If they didn’t want to eat, or when I stood up they didn’t follow me. Well, Atlas only follows me with her eyes. But if I jumped up and said, “Wanna go Bye-Bye with Mommy?” She’d jump right up. Annie would not have. Poor girl. But she’s in a better place now.

Final Thoughts on, My Dog Sleeps All Day.

You know your dog better than anyone. If you feel something’s wrong, don’t hesitate. Set up an appointment and get them checked out. I’ve taken Atlas to the vet more times than I can count. At the drop of a hat, she’s going in. Anytime I feel concerned for her health, I call the vet.

I also have a close relationship with her vet. That means, I’m able to call over the phone and just ask them questions. She’s doing this, not doing that. They’re able to tell me whether it warrants an appt. They’re not there just to make money. In fact, the vet she goes to will often say, “We don’t think you need to bring her in. If she starts exhibiting this, then call us back.”

Many vets I’ve seen in the past move right to an appt. No talking it over the phone. No texts of pictures. Just, bring her in and we’ll go from there. The VCA clinic is awesome in this regard. Tell us more so we can assess her situation properly.

So, if you think something’s wrong, then call them to help figure it out. Especially if they’re not eating or drinking. That’s the number one key something is wrong. But, just being tired like I am in the dark. Eh, that’s normal right now.

Does your dog sleep all day, too? Why do you think they’re tired all the time?

2 thoughts on “My Dog Sleeps All Day.

  1. Thanks so much for the awesome tips. I really learned a lot. That’s crazy, I mean I have a dog and I didn’t even know they are just like us in fact.

    Actually my dog sleeps all day, but he eats and drinks perfectly. Should I worry? I haven’t contacted the vet yet as I’m not yet sure if I should.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Warly,

      No. If your dog is still eating and drinking, then he should be fine. Some dogs sleep because of age, or even because they’re alone all day. Dogs don’t like it when we’re gone all day so some sleep because they have nothing to do. It’s better than them eating things all day, or getting into trouble.
      My Atlas is sleeping all day which is unusual for her. Normally she doesn’t sleep this much, but lately she’s just been so tired. I will admit, I worried a little this morning when she was acting very lethargic, but I also know because she might be pregnant, that could be why. I figure, if she keeps this up over the next 2 weeks, I’ll have to take her to the vet and just make sure she’s okay.

      Thanks for visiting and reading! Glad you enjoyed it!


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