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Top 5 Items Needed for your Bully Breed

There are some things that we need for any dog. Regardless of breed, dogs all have the same needs for everyday life. But, for today, we’re going cover the top 5 items needed for your Bully Breed specifically. Why? Because I love my Bully Breed, Atlas. Plus, they tend to destroy things easier than other breeds.

For you Bully Breed pet parents out there, you might already know that our Bullies can be..well, destructive. Not all, mind you. I’m lucky with Atlas in that she doesn’t destroy things. But others, they’re not so lucky. So why the items for Bully Breeds? They hold up better. Also, they tend to be of better quality.

So what do dogs need? Food, a bowl to eat from, somewhere to sleep, a toy to chew on. Lastly, they need a collar and a leash if you plan on taking them outside. Which, we all should. They do need exercise just like we do.

Enough of that, let’s get to it! What food for Bullies?

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Food is First!

This is an important part of your Bullies life. A good, balanced diet. Rich in protein with wholesome grains. Some will differ of opinion on the grain side of things. That’s okay. We’re all different in what we feed our dogs. And just like us, each dog is different in what they eat. Some have an intolerance to gluten, but you won’t know that until you try it.

Many Bully Breeds have allergies to chicken, too. But, you’ll have to try out different foods to see what your Bully can eat specifically. For Atlas, she gets the Wellness Raw Rev Wholesome Grains Food with chicken and turkey.

Wellness Raw Rev Dog Food
Wellness Raw Rev with Grains

Atlas doesn’t do well with beef actually. So, I feed her a chicken based food instead. Too much beef, and she tends to get an upset stomach. She goes in and out of the dog door all day after eating beef. But I had to learn this over time. So, chicken based for her.

This food is sold only at pet retailers I’m afraid. It’s also a little more expensive than the generic stuff. But, I know what’s in it and it’s all good stuff. No chemical additives, which is important to me and my dogs. I did lots of research on the ingredients; they’re all good. Also, I looked into the recalls according to the FDA, and they’re very minimal and nothing life threatening or dangerous. So, it’s a good choice for us.

Now that you have the food, you kind of need a bowl.

A Bowl Would Be Nice…

Some like to have dog bowls specifically for their dogs. But, if you’re on a budget, don’t fret! Just use any bowl around your house, honestly. No dog looks at their bowl and thinks, “Oh no, I’m not eating from that generic thing!” It’s just a bowl guys, I promise.

Double Diner for dogs
                Double Diner, tilt proof $40

But, if you do want to spend a little on a nice bowl set, I would get one that combines the water and food bowls. Kind of like these ones.

Double Bowl
                  Double Diner $17.99

See, I used to have a big plastic water jug for my dogs. The auto-water bowl. The thing was HUGE! It held 5 gallons of water. And while I didn’t have to fill it often, it was gross. Plastic, unlike glass, gets a slimy texture to it once they drink from it. It started to smell like a fish tank after a couple of days. It was gross.

It was also a pain in my butt to fill. It was like grabbing those huge jugs in an office area for the water dispenser. Only, you had to bend down to put this thing on the base. I hated filling it! Once a week, I still had to. If you’re not a young spring chicken with a good back, good luck! Nope, I went to a small, glass water bowl. I fill it daily and clean it between. My life had gotten easier after making that shift. Besides, the dogs all flock to it like it’s their lifeline when I fill it.

Okay, so we have food, and a bowl. What’s next? Well, dogs need to sleep!

A Bed To Sleep….

Not all dogs like beds. Let me rephrase that. Not all dogs like dog beds! When Atlas was a puppy at 8 weeks old, I gave her her own little bed. It was a cute, fluffy little thing. I loved it! It was so soft! The problem? She squealed. Nope, Atlas did not want to sleep on her own. Even right beside our bed, two feet away from her. So, after trying for only two nights, I was done. Besides, I’m a sucker at heart for dogs. I love my dogs.

I picked her up that second night, and she slept on my neck. Curled up, cozy and snoring. But this isn’t feasible for everyone. Maybe you have a small bed. Or you have an infant. Not too terribly feasible to sleep with your dogs all the time. Especially if your dog is a 170 lbs Bully. Whew! So, you might need a Bully Bed for them.

Bully Beds
                               Bully Beds $109.99

Bully Beds are more durable than those cheap knockoffs sold at pet stores. I know, I’ve been through them! A waste of money, let me tell you. Put a little more money into it upfront and you’ll be happy with your purchase.

So, you have your food, your bowl, and their bed. What about chew toys? Invest in these! Your dog will eat your house, shoes, and furniture if you don’t.

Toys Are A Chewing Necessity!

Chew toys are the number 1 thing you need. Okay, besides food and stuff, duh. Why chew toys? “Are you sure chew toys are part of the top 5 items needed for your Bully Breed dog?” Absolutely! Dogs like to chew. They’ll chew your shoes if you don’t have toys for them. You don’t want your nice shoes being torn to bits, especially by a puppy.

Get the good chew toys. What do I mean by good? Ones that aren’t destroyed within 10 minutes. I know this isn’t possible for your 170 lbs XL American Bully. I get that. They can swallow a Kong like it’s a treat. So, you get a bigger one. A huge bone that lasts them forever! Okay, more like a day or two.

I found an ostrich bone one day at Pet Smart. This thing was as long as my leg. But it got everywhere. At Petco, I found one similar to this, but of the Kong brand. Now, I stand by the Kong brand and always will. Their toys stand the test of time. Yes, they’re a little more expensive. But when you’ve bought the cheap brands that fall to pieces in just one day, well, that’s frustrating. I like my dogs stuff to last. I spend more for better quality.

Kong Elk Bone
Kong Elk Bone $19.21

Food, bowls, beds, toys. What’s next? You have to take your dog outside!

Collar and Leash To Be Outdoors!

Out of all the top 5 items needed for your Bully Breed, this is my favorite. I just love shopping for cute little collars and leashes when they’re puppies! They’re so small, so tiny and gawd so cute!! Atlas still has her very first collar and leash set. Dark blue velvet with little studs on it. It was only 2 inches in diameter, closed. It fits my 2.5 lb Chihuahua now.

                      Petco Collar $6.49

Now, she’s bigger, her neck is huge and she’s grown to needing a thick collar. I spent a lot of money on a forever collar for her. It’s 2 inches thick and it’s leather. It has padding inside to protect her when she pulls. Yes, she still pulls when she sees a dog. But, it’s rare. I trained her well with what’s called a Gentle Leader. Necessary for big dogs! Otherwise, forget walking them if you’re a small woman. They’ll pull you where they want to go. Leash train, leash train, leash train!

Bestia Collar
                Bestia Leather Collar $79.00

A collar and leash is necessary, just like food. You have to take your dog outside. For walks, to poo, whatever the reason. They have to get exercise, so don’t be lazy. If you have a dog, you gotta walk!

I think I’ve covered the top 5 items needed for your Bully Breed. There’s more, of course! I have lot of items just for Atlas. But if you’re just getting a puppy, this is the list for you. So, get to it. Get the stuff you need before bringing them home for the first time.

The list will grow with them!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Items Needed for your Bully Breed

  1. Atlas looks a lot like my Bully breed Tommeeh. Maybe they should meet one day, I’m sure they would look like twins, girl and boy 🙂 She looks like a very sweet girl. My Tommeeh is the sweetest boy 🙂
    I love the double feeder. I used to have a smaller version of it for kittens but when they grew up it was too small for them. I need one for Tommeeh and also for my other dogs. The one you show in this article is great, especially because it is elevated. Can you raise this feeder to a certain level, so that a dog doesn’t have to bend to drink?
    I’m also a fan of beautiful collars. I always try to pick a really nice one for my fur babies. these collars look very pretty!

    1. Christine,

      The ones I posted are set in height I’m afraid. There are some out there that I’ve seen can be elevated so that your dogs don’t have to bend over. I haven’t seen any with a good price, so I haven’t mentioned those much in my posts. Some things for dogs can be so expensive! I’ve seen my friends just take some 2 x 4’s and cut them to size, paint them the color of the dog bowls and then glue them to the wood, so they stay. When they do this, it actually looks really cool and modern. When I’ve asked about them, they say that the ones where you can adjust them are too pricey, so they get the less expensive version and then just modify it for their dogs needs.

      I thought that was a neat way of doing it.

      That would be neat if they met one day. I see a lot of dogs that look like Atlas, though she’s always the most beautiful to me just because she’s mine. 🙂 A lot of people that meet her are just enamored with her personality, always asking to keep her. It’s very cute, but I’m very stingy!

      Glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks for reading!


  2. I like the terminology “Double Diner” used so much as although there is surely nothing wrong with the terminology used, it really made me chuckle as it makes the feeding process sounds like such a posh experience. Makes it sounds as if the Bully’s are eating out in a 5 star restaurant and to me I also see the human personification implied (maybe it is just me reading too much into it), but rightly so, as our Bully’s are surely becoming so much part of the family that they indeed become one of the family members.

    Bully’s are such loyal pets and wonderful with children and surely only deserves the best. Thanks for recommending some great products! Best regards to Atlas!

    1. Schalk,

      I loved the term too, which is why I just had to share the name attached to it. Atlas really does deserve all the best; she’s so special to all of us. We have 3 dogs, and Atlas is the most communicative, loving, needy dog out of all of them. The other 2 Chihuahuas just seem to have the same level of smarts as Atlas. It’s truly amazing watching them all interact and how she seems so much more human. Especially when she watches me. I know there’s thoughts crossing her mind, I just wish I knew what they were. 🙂



  3. Katrina, thanks for this informative post about Bullies! It’s great to find an article specific to this dog breed. I didn’t know that Bullies could be a destructive breed, and that should definitely be taken into consideration when purchasing products for one. Dog beds in particular, in my experience, have been destroyed faster than any other dog accessory, so it’s a good idea to invest in one that will hold up well! And let’s not forget about toys. Every dog’s favorite thing! Endless entertainment. This is great information to have for anyone looking to add a Bully to their family!


    1. Thanks Femi! Yes, Bullies can be destructive to say the least. Not all mind you, Atlas is a pretty lazy dog laying behind me right now snoring away. However, my daughter had an American Pit Bull at one point and she was a very anxious girl. She bounced off the walls, chewed things up, ate her bed several times. Each dog is different, but the American Pit can be a very hyper dog. They need lots of exercise and lots of love. Atlas needs love, but she’s pretty lazy for a dog, I will say. I take her for walks and she’s done after 5 minutes panting already. It’s too cute. But, perfect right now since it’s very, very cold outside. No one wants to be outdoors when it’s this cold in Alaska.

      Thanks for reading my article! Glad you liked it!


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