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Pocket Bully Caught A Cold – Kennel Cough

Just like with humans, dogs can get sick too. During this time in Alaska, our weather has shifted from super cold, to mildly cold. November has always been up in the air on what the temperatures will be. So, just like humans, my Pocket Bully caught a cold. Though many know the term, Kennel Cough.

Kennel Cough has always been in my mind as something bad, a disease. Infectious. Hearing this term come out of my vets mouth had me in a state of alarm at first. After a few explanations though, she described Kennel Couch as simply a cold that dogs can catch.

What is Kennel Cough?

If you look online, the first things you see when you search Kennel Cough is all bad. It’s made to sound like a terrible disease that dogs get when around numerous other dogs. Atlas, my Pocket Bully is rarely around other dogs. So, that’s not true apparently. I did find out that Atlas being around one dog with Kennel Cough is how she got it.

Acting like a cold to humans, dogs can catch it very easily. It is extremely contagious and if one dog gets it, all dogs get it. Touching noses, licking somewhere another dog licked. If the dog coughed on her. Same way that colds are spread, Kennel Cough is as well.

While I might be downplaying Kennel Cough, it can lead to other problems if it doesn’t go away. Like a bad cold to us, it can lead to upper respiratory issues. It usually takes 1-3 weeks to clear up on its own. The vet did tell me that it usually goes away without treatment, but to keep an eye on Atlas. If it sounds like it’s getting worse after a week, than a follow up is needed for treatment options.

Treatment Options.

In order to treat Kennel Cough, if it persists, the dogs get prescribed antibiotics. More often than not, when it doesn’t go away on its own, it’s leading into upper respiratory infections. I don’t know about my readers, but I’ve had colds turn into bronchitis before, many times.

Dogs are prone to these issues as well, so I was given some advice. First thing, limit exposure to cold weather. So, if she goes with me, lots of sweaters and preheat the car.

Humid air helps as well. In Alaska, especially right now, it’s so dry for us. My family is prone to nose bleeds in this dry weather, so we have 2 humidifiers. My vet stated that this will help the dogs get over their colds. At the start, we had only 1 humidifier, but we needed a new filter. So, I ordered a new one off Amazon, arriving tomorrow. I purchased one at WalMart along with a universal filter for the humidifier we still had. Tomorrow, it will be 3.

In the meantime, we ran hot showers and put all the dogs in the bathroom with the door closed. This helped to alleviate the cough that comes with Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough often sounds like a goose honking. We’ve had the 2 humidifiers running nonstop this week and it’s helped a lot. They don’t cough as often as they did at the start.

Now that they’re on the mends, how can we prevent this again?

Prevention for Down the Road.

Kennel Cough is often associated with Bordatella Bacteria. Atlas has all her shots updated, so it’s not that she caught that side of it. I’m not sure what she caught, but the vet said not to worry. Sure. But, having this vaccine will help in the event that dogs are around other dogs that haven’t had all their shots. They can be susceptible to Bordatella, so be sure they get this vaccine.

Also, limiting her around other dogs. She got this from some dog, probably while at Home Depot, and touched noses with another dog that had it. Now, as a responsible pet owner, I know to keep her home. Away from other dogs. I’m not going and spreading this to every dog in town. So, whoever let their dog out in the store with this cold, they should’ve left their dog in the car.

I had plans with Atlas to meet a potential mate for her, but I let them know that she needs to get better first. If you suspect your dog is sick, keep them quarantined until they heal. It’s the right thing to do.

Other Illnesses my Pocket Bully can get.

Kennel Cough can lead to other complications, just like any sickness can. I’m not worried about Atlas getting worse, honestly. She’s cooped up in the house with me, on the mends.

The last thing I want for her is to get worse. I have heard of Kennel Cough turning into a more dangerous illness. Like us, when we’re sick, we’re more susceptible to getting more sick. Dogs with Kennel Cough can end up getting Canine Herpes, para influenza, and the canine reovirus.

To avoid any complications with my furry babe, we’re staying in. Warmth, lots of food and water and blankets for snuggle time. Just what the doc ordered!

Final Words on Pocket Bully Caught a Cold.

Hopefully you know a little more about Kennel Cough after reading up on this. While it’s not the end all be all that I thought it was, you still want to take measures. Allowing your dog to get better is the first step to them recovering. Keeping them away from other dogs will help keep the spread down.

Once you hear that odd cough that I did, you’ll know something’s up. They each have their own distinct cough, but one is the worst.

Harry – my 5 lbs Chihuahua sounds like he can’t get air. When he’s stressed (he’s usually stressed) it gets worse. The first few days were difficult for him, so I made sure that everyone was quiet. Loud noises stressed him the most and his cough was brutal. Pushing his head forward, sounding like he had phlegm stuck in there, it was a lot of loud honking coming from his throat.

Buttons – my little 2.5 lbs Chihuahua just sounds phlegmy. No distinct cough, she just sounds stuffed up.

Atlas – my Pocket Bully has a mild cough and phlegm as well. In the beginning, I could hear the phlegm moving with each breath. She had a more severe cough in the beginning, but it’s getting better. I think the humidifiers are doing a great job with helping them mend.

Ensure that you’re not taking your dogs in public when they have a cough, please. Just like with bad colds for us, we don’t go around coughing on people to spread it. At least, I hope you don’t.

6 thoughts on “Pocket Bully Caught A Cold – Kennel Cough

  1. I am sorry to hear that your pocket bully caught a cold, but she is on the mend and that is good, I have certainly learned about kennel cough, the information was very interesting, I myself do not have a dog but I will pass this on to my friends who have dogs. I am happy that she had a loving and caring mommy.

    1. Hi Ruthlyn,

      Thanks for reading! Yes, she’s doing much better now and not coughing it seems at all. But we have 3 humidifiers in the house now, so….lots of humidity. It dissipates so quickly up here since it’s so cold right now, though. So I try to keep her inside as much as possible so she gets better.

      Thanks for reading and yes, please share!


  2. OMG. First, let me say, your dog is adorable! Honestly, I’m afraid of pitbulls. But your baby looks so sweet. I own 2 Jack Russells. I always brought them to cage-free doggy daycare center. They always warned me about Kennel Cough. I never asked them what it was, but I was terrified for my dogs. I can’t believe I never looked it up. I’m so glad that while you certainly didn’t downplay kennel cough, you put it in laymen’s terms – it’s like a cold for dogs! Who knew? I’m also glad that you explained that if not treated, it could lead to complications. I love your baby!

    1. Thank you Shalisha! She’s actually a Pocket Bully which is part of the Bulldog lineup. She has Pit, Stafford, English, Old English, Scott and French in her. They’re a new breed just recognized in 2013, but some of the best dogs. Every single person that’s around Atlas always tells me how special she is and how they want a dog just like her. My Brother was over here last night just mentioning how it’s so awesome that she watches TV all the time. I have to admit, I’ve had a lot of dogs and I’ve never had one watch TV all night with my husband and I. But she sure does.

      Glad you enjoyed this article! She’s pretty much all better now by the way, so it healed on it’s own. I think the humidity really did a good number on their health. None of them are coughing anymore.

      Feel free to share this knowledge with others! Thanks!

  3. We had dogs years ago, and yes, just like humans, animals get sick sometimes, and when you have an animal, you learn a lot about it through living together.
    I haven’t heard of Kennel Cough yet, I’ve now learned a lot from you about it, thanks for the information shared.
    I wish your pets a speedy recovery, stay warm, and follow the vet’s instructions.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Thanks Nina,

      The dogs are pretty much all better, no more coughing. I kept them inside almost all weekend though, so they had a lot of humidity to help their lungs get better. I’m really glad I have the number of humidifiers that I do because they definitely needed the moisture.

      Thanks for reading my article!


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