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Aspen Take Two Leash

Aspen Take Two Leash – Review

Product: Aspen Take Two LeashAspen Take Two Leash

Price: On Sale! Only $12.99 from

Rating: Great reviews so far! 5 out of 5 stars

Aspen Take Two Leash.

Now that we’ve added to our pack family, with Muse, I’ve been considering getting one of these leashes. With two dogs, it’s actually harder to walk them with two individual leashes. They like to get tangled up, go over and under each other. Just an all around pain in the booty!

Most of the double leashes I’ve seen don’t have the spinner function, either. Meaning, they clip together on a carabiner-like attachment instead. This one though, has the spinning feature that I actually am looking for. It seems of a heavy-duty material as well.

A Padded Handle.

It also shows that it has a padded hand grip, which is also nice. I’ve had a lot of leashes in my days of having dogs. I can honestly say that having a padded grip helps! A lot! Nothing hurts worse than having a large dog pull hard on a leash. Regardless of the kind of leash you have, not having a padded handle feels like a bad rug burn on your hand.

Having this one padded will help. Especially with two dogs that can potentially pull you at once. Now, Atlas is leash trained, so I’m not worried about her. However, Muse isn’t leash trained yet, so she’s kind of all over the place. I’ll train her first, to learn not to pull. Also, I’ll teach her to stay to my right or left side only. I say right or left, because it depends on which side of the road I’m walking on.

Leash Training – Why?

Leash training a dog to stick with one side will allow for me to teach them which side I want them on. This can either be the left, or the right. Basically, I want my dogs walking farthest from traffic when we’re close to the street. Today, driving down one of the busiest roads in Anchorage, there was a woman walking her dog. She decided to cross in the middle of the street and jump on a median separating traffic. Her dog was on a long leash.

As she jumped on this median, I’m driving the speed limit at 50 mph. All of a sudden, her dog attempts to jump from the median, right in front of me. Now, she pulled her dog back right as I’m swerving out of the way. However, dogs get frightened of loud noises, such as speeding cars. Had she not pulled her dog back, her dog could have been hit by me. I would’ve been devastated to say the least.

Leash Train Always!

So, it’s important to leash train a dog to handle loud noises if you live near a busy road, or plan on taking them near a busy road. Sure, she had her dog on a leash. However, it was too long of a leash, and her dog could’ve been seriously injured.

I’ve trained Atlas to not pull on leash, at all. This goes for distractions and loud noises. Muse is next. In order to leash train, I highly recommend the Gentle Leader. This will allow for you to train your dog easily, and without hurting them. I’m sorry, I’ve never approved of chokers to train my dogs.

When I get this Aspen Take Two Leash, I know that both Atlas and Muse will be able to walk with ease. They’ll stick to whatever side I need them on, and without pulling me. Even though I’ll have a padded handle! But no, seriously, please leash train your dogs.

Final Words on Aspen Take Two Leash.

I’m definitely ordering this leash today, so I’ll be able to come back to this review and let you know what I think. I’m pretty excited to have found this, when I was just talking about getting one yesterday. No, it wasn’t an ad that popped up. I was simply scrolling through sale items and came across this.

The length is perfect at 13.5″ long. And, I mentioned above that it seems durable being an inch thick. It’s made with Nylon, so it’ll stand up to the test of time as well. As far as shipping goes, it’s always expensive to Alaska. However, choosing the 2-day air it’s only $15. I’m still getting this Aspen Take Two Leash for less than it would be locally. I’ve priced them out and they’re usually around $30. It’s not much less, but hey, I’ll save a $1 and a trip to the store!

As soon as it comes in, I’ll come back and let you know what I think personally! I’m pretty excited, and I can’t wait to take them out. Plus, I’ll have time in the meantime to start training Muse. She definitely needs some leash training! But, she’s smart, so she’ll learn fast I’m sure.

What do you take your dogs out with? Do you have a double leash that’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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