Finding Dog Diapers That Don’t Suck!

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Finding Dog Diapers That Don’t Suck!

Atlas is in heat again and, frankly, her dog diapers are annoying me. I bought these at Petco thinking they would be good. But, here we are, several heat cycles later and they’re no good. Velcro simply doesn’t hold long term. I even went so far as to sew on snap buttons. Nope, not even those work and it keeps falling off. So, now here I am, finding dog diapers that don’t suck.

Have I found them? Nope. Still looking actually. I went onto Amazon last night in an attempt to find some, but they look like they’re from Ali Express. I already ordered these in hopes that they would be good, but they’re too small. Why is it that everything from Asia runs so small? Even for dogs? Are the dogs smaller over there?

Sizes aren’t Always the Same.

Months ago, I attempted to order several sizes and styles from Ali Express. I ordered XS to XL. Now, you might be wondering why I ordered so many sizes. Well, I have a very small Chihuahua, so I thought, might as well give it a go for her. Hers fit of course! But the XL? No way! It fit my medium-sized Chihuahua, Harry, that doesn’t even get heat cycles. He’s a male!

Next, I tried several different styles. Thinking that maybe if I got them from several manufacturers, I might get lucky. Nope. Definitely not lucky. It was a total waste of money. But, good thing they were only $3 a piece. Not like I broke the bank to order 5 different sizes and styles.

The Ones Made in the USA.

During Atlas’ first heat cycle, I bought the ones from Petco. I thought for sure these were good diapers. At first. It’s not until the second go around that you realize they suck. The diaper itself is fine, don’t get me wrong. But the Velcro wears off and doesn’t like to stick after the second go around. No, I’m not talking about the second time of putting it on. I’m talking about two heat cycles later.

See, at first, they’re fine. The Velcro does its job and it holds well. But Atlas likes to go outside, all the time. This means, I’m constantly taking it off then putting it back on. This is where they don’t hold up. Velcro is pretty basic. You have little plastic hooks that attach to material style loops. After a while, the plastic hooks break. Then, the material loops also start to break. Eventually, you’re stuck with a piece of Velcro that no longer attaches to the other side.

I then ordered sew-on snap buttons and tried those.

The Sew-On Snaps Didn’t Work.

I’m actually very disappointed that these snap on’s didn’t work. This was a very tedious job yesterday, sewing these little things on. I tried for 2 snap-on’s on each side where the diaper attaches to itself. With 2 on each side, each snap consists of 2 pieces, so I had to sew on 16 little buttons, overall. Not fun at all.

I was proud of my idea when it was done. Couldn’t wait to try this new idea out! The problem? I sewed the snaps on to where they’re too tight if both are snapped together. On top of that, they come apart easily. If these snaps were like the ones they use for tarps, that’d be different. You can’t get those things apart even when you try! But no, these ones suck. Just like the Velcro.

Now, I’m chasing Atlas around more than I was before! Grabbing the diaper and putting it back on her before she bleeds all over my floor! Ugh!


I’m not quite sure where to go from here. Buying the same ones from Petco seems ridiculous. I know they don’t last. So, I don’t really want to spend $30 on another 2 pack, knowing that the next cycle they’re going to fall off again.

The next idea is to buy more Velcro and glue it on? I looked on Amazon for Velcro strips, but that was hardly noteworthy. I’m pretty sure I have a roll of Velcro in my garage somewhere. So, maybe find that and use some super, duper, glue that won’t ever come off? I say won’t come off, because you still have to wash these things!

Face it, if the dog has to go, they have to go. Diaper, or no diaper. I hand wash them most of the time, but if I’m doing laundry, I’ll throw them in there as well. In past experiences, glue doesn’t hold up so well in the washer.

Sure, I could sew the Velcro on. But after those snap-on’s, that seems like it would drive me crazy again. Hence, why I think I want to try the glue and see how that pans out first.

Final Words on – Finding Dog Diapers that Don’t Suck!

What would you do at this point for dog diapers? Or even finding dog diapers that don’t suck? Would you try the disposable ones at this point? I’ve thought about those, honestly, but are they worth it? Or would I feel like I have a baby again? Diapers were expensive when my kids were young! I was so excited the day I didn’t have to buy them anymore. How about now? Would it be the same for my dogs? Though, they’ll never grow out of them. It’s like a woman on her period for 10 years.

At least dogs only get their heat every 6 months, so there is that. But as of right now, she goes through a pack of pads already in 2 cycles. The disposable dog diapers only come in what, 30-60 counts? Seems like it would be less expensive to stick with the female pads. Those only cost about $5 for a pack of 45. Then, try the glue on Velcro strips? See if those work?

Ugh! Such a dilemma! No one says, “Hey, finding dog diapers that don’t suck is hard!” I suppose I’ll have to be the trial and error and just tell you guys, huh? And now, I have 2 females that I’ll have to shop for. Or plan for I suppose.

I don’t even know how Muse will be yet. She may hate the dog diapers! Atlas at least doesn’t tear them off. But I have no clue about Muse yet.

Well, my trial and error starts now. I’ll keep my readers posted on what I find.

In the meantime – what about you? What have you used? What’s worked? Help me out here!

8 thoughts on “Finding Dog Diapers That Don’t Suck!

  1. Hi Katrina, me again. Sorry to hear about your issues with Atlas still ;( Have you tried Chewy for the diapers? That’s where friends of mine get them and have never had any issues with them. As for velcro, you can buy velcro strips from a local Walmart too. Again, sorry to hear you’re stilling have these issues. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything on my dog site for that, yet anyway…… Good luck dear 🙂

    1. Thank you Joe! I’ll check out the Chewy site and let you know what I’m able to find. I ended up having to go and get more diapers at Petco because Muse started her heat cycle Friday. What’s baffling to me, is the Mediums got HUGE, and the Smalls fit her, but barely. It’s like now they go from a Small to a Large with no in between! I have no idea why the Medium size got so large! It goes from barely fitting Muse and actually staying on with the smalls to encompassing her entire body with the size Medium. It’s very frustrating when you’re going to a major company for something so simple as a dog diaper, only to find out that they’ve changed the sizing to something weird.

      I’ll keep everyone updated on the Chewy ones! There’s got to be something better than these ones.

      Thanks Joe!


  2. Hi Katrina, this is a great article. I don’t have a dog now but I used to have one when I was young and I remember that at that time there were no clothes for a pet. (I’m talking about the 80″). It was a time of the month for my dog and we had to make a handmade diaper. And this one was not disposable… you know what I mean!
    Thank you for sharing I enjoy reading

    1. Hi Lyne,

      I imagine the 80’s was hard to find anything for pets back then. Even now I’m having a hard time and there are a ton on the market! Things have definitely developed over time at least, so that’s good. I had to make a diaper for my little Chihuahua since she’s so small, diapers don’t come that small that I’ve found. So I made one out of an old wash cloth which worked pretty well. We tried making one out of a sock even, but that didn’t work as well. 🙁

      Eventually, I’ll probably make my own line that’s adjustable for dogs. I just need to get the materials and a plan! 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Oh gosh, that must be so frustrating! Have you tried the local pet shops to see what products they have?
    Another idea is to get them from your vet.
    All the best!

    1. Andrea,

      Yeah, Petco is local and I went there and tried some on, but that’s the problem with the Small and Medium now. They made the small bigger, but they made the medium bigger as well. Now the medium barely fits Atlas, but the Large is way too big. It’s weird. I wish they would’ve left the sizing alone. They used to fit perfect!

      The vet is an idea though as well. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Thank you Katrina for this article, a friend complained about not finding the right diapers for her dog and its been frustrating her ever since. Really sorry to hear you are in the same situation. The Velcro ones are definitetly not reliable. I also suggest you try the disposable diapers and see how it goes, Muse might even like it and you might also get used to it. Change is hard but it might end being for the better and I suggest you don’t try them again. Disposable diapers are easier to dispose-off and are less stressful.

    Also all the best with your trial and error something good will definitely come of it. Kindly let us know how it goes as soon as possible. Cheers

    1. Femi,

      For sure! I know if I’m frustrated, other dog owners are as well. I looked at the disposable ones when I was in Petco last time, and I still went with the standard reusable ones! I guess habits die hard. Next time, something different. Or, I’ll make my own. I’ll create ones that actually adjust to fit, not ones where the Velcro barely holds! I’m still working on the materials to make my own, but I think I really need to invest in a good sewing machine first. That’s the hard part. And possibly take a sewing machine class or something, because the last time I tried to use one of those things, I tore my pants up! Terrible. So, we’ll see how it all goes! I’ll keep you updated!



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