Red Nose Pit Bull – A Breed or Color Term?

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Red Nose Pit Bull – A Breed or Color Term?

Ah, the infamous Red Nose Pit Bull. Most people when they hear this, think, aggressive dog! Beware! However, such is not the case at all. But, what is the Red Nose Pit Bull? Is this an actual breed of dog?

Well, it might come as some surprise to find out that, indeed, this is not a breed of dog. The Red Nose Pit Bull is really just an American Pit Bull Terrier, APBT. They just happen to be a specific color of APBT. So, why do so many people refer to their dogs as Red Nose Pits?

In order for some people to differentiate the coloring of their dogs, they refer to them as Red Nose, or Blue Nose. However, the APBT is just that – the American Pit Bull Terrier. Regardless of the coloring of the dog itself. With that in mind, let’s dive into the ABPT.

The American Pit Bull Terrier Breed.

The American Pit Bull Terrier goes back quite a ways as a breed. Originally, they were bred for the blood sport of Bull Baiting. After this was outlawed, than the dogs were used in the blood sport of going after one another in pit fighting. Hence the name they were soon called – the Pit Bull.

Most people think that the APBT comes strictly from pit fighting. However, in their long line of genes, they come from the original Bulldog’s from Europe. Bred over the years, they eventually became their own breed as recognized by Kennel Clubs.

Usually confused with a very aggressive dog, especially as marked by mainstream media. But, most would be surprised to learn that these dogs are very friendly and extremely lovable. They often need a lot of attention from their owners, and cuddle time.

Where The Aggression Gets Confused.

Because of the upbringing of some owners, they can be aggressive by nature, though. It’s often recommended that they be socialized very early on, to overcome their possible aggressive nature. Especially towards other dogs. See, this is where they can be aggressive. By nature, it’s not towards humans unless they’ve been trained to do so.

The American Pit Bull Terrier, from early on, is very loving towards people and other animals. This of course doesn’t stop some from using them for their original origins on the black market. Pit Fighting. Because of their athleticism, people will still use them for this terrible sport. They just keep it under wraps.

So, when the unfortunate incidents occur, and gets widespread media coverage, the APBT is to blame. This is where many have stemmed their fears from.

Raising the APBT in a normal household, though, they are the opposite of what has been plastered over TV. Loving, family-oriented and very cuddly.

Now that we know more about the breed itself, why do people call them Red Nose or Blue Nose?

Markings and Coloring as Defined by Kennel Clubs.

Not all Kennel Clubs recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier. However, for the ones that do, they define the breed by specific physical appearances. Let’s use the American Bully Kennel Club in this example.

In order for the breed to compete in shows, they must be of specific height, weight, color and overall look. Their height for a male must be 18″ to 21″ to their withers. Withers means shoulder blades in case you don’t know.

The females must be 17″ to 20″ to their withers.

Weight for males is usually 45 to 65 pounds and a female 35 to 55 pounds.

Also, all colors are accepted in the competition except the color Merle. It’s not often you see a Merle colored APBT, however, they do exist. While they are a beautiful dog, they aren’t recognized if you plan on showing your dogs according to the

Faults with the breed according to the ABKC, are overly shy or aggressive APBT’s. Meaning, if you haven’t socialized your dog to be friendly, than they can’t compete. Again – this breed is actually friendly by nature, not aggressive.

Overly large heads, or muscular builds will also disqualify them. Those very, very large dogs that slightly resemble the APBT’s are usually the American Bullies. Often very large in build and very confused with the wrong breed.

Okay, you know more about the APBT now. So, why Red Nose Pit?

When Did Red Nose Pit Bull Become a Term?

Here’s the deal with some breeders. Not all are ethical. “Wait? What?” That’s right. They’re in it for the money and couldn’t care less about the dogs. Ultimately, the most sad in the world of breeders. However, many will coin terms in order to make their dogs stand out from the crowd.

I mean, if you heard, “Rare Red Nose Pit Bull Puppies For Sale!” Versus, “American Pit Bull Terrier Puppies for Sale!” Which would you click on? The term Rare stands out. However, not to be the bearer of bad news, but they’re not rare. It’s simply a color that traces through their lineage way back. Just like the Blue’s and Brindles.

Now, when you’re choosing a breed of dog, sure, you look at the color. Well, I look at temperament, but many look at the color. When it comes to talking about their colors, then yes, the term Red can come out. Bulldogs of all breeds are often looked at for their coloring. They’re even separated by some breeders when they’re listing their puppies for sale by color. The Fawns are together in one area. The Blues in another. The Reds in another and so on. It’s common for some people to want a specific color.

But this doesn’t define the breed itself.

How To Accurately Define Your Breed.

Defining the breed is just like any breed of dog. Look at the Cocker Spaniels. They have fawn colors, black and so on. You don’t call the fawn colors, Fawned Cockers. That just sounds weird. You call them, Cocker Spaniels. And then people will mention their coat, how shiny and they love the color, etc.

It’s the same for the American Pit Bull Terrier. They’re still an American Pit Bull Terrier, they’re just that specific color.

Atlas – the love of my life in dog form is an American Bully. She happens to be a blue, which is gray. For the breed standards, she’s referred to as a Blue. But I don’t call her a Blue Bully. I call her by her breed name, the American Bully. It’s just what she is.

They come in a variety of colors, just the like the American Pit Bull’s. So, instead of calling the dog a Red Nose Pit Bull, let’s call them what they are and give them that respect.

Because honestly, it’s not about color that defines us, right? I mean for humans. But we often refer to our ancestry instead.

Color doesn't define

We should do the same service for our dogs, our pets.

Final Words on the Red Nose Pit Bull – The American Pit Bull Terrier.

Hopefully now, we all understand more about this wonderful breed of dog. Bullies of all shapes and sizes are near and dear to my heart. The most lovable, cuddly dogs that I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across.

Often mistreated, misused and misunderstood. However, they are such a rare type of dog by demeanor. So many of my friends and family love their Bullies, no matter their lineage. And, it’s easy because of their personality.

For those looking for a specific breed called the Red Nose Pit Bull though, I’m sorry to disappoint you. They’re a coloring of the breed, but not a breed unto themselves. At least, not recognized by any reputable breeder or Kennel Club. The coloring of the breed is accepted, obviously. But, they’re simply not a breed by themselves.

So, if you’re looking for a new furry friend that will be the most lovable dog, and you just so happen to want a Red colored APBT, then search for a reputable breeder in your area. Make sure they call them what they are though. Otherwise, you could wind up paying a lot more money than you should.

Do you have an APBT? Share your story and your pictures for the world to see! Hopefully you have pictures of the infamous Red Nose.

4 thoughts on “Red Nose Pit Bull – A Breed or Color Term?

  1. Lovely information on the Red Nose Pit Bull. I have to admit these dogs are for people who understand the breed. For me personally, I would not have one for myself, and not only that but these dogs are illegal in my country. But your discussion of them helps me to understand about them. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      Yes, because of their bad rap, they are illegal in a lot of places as well as in apts buildings and even on insurance in some cases. It’s sad, because they are such great dogs to have as pets and loyal companions.

      Thanks for stopping by though.


  2. Love the article Katrina! I know for a fact that the APBT is quite a friendly animal and like you said, depending on how they’re raised from a puppy. They are adorable and great with kids and people in general, early. My neighbors have two big pits and both are very loving animals. Yeah, they bark or snarl when anyone goes by the house unless they recognize them, like when I walk by. They’re anxious, but just want to come out and see me. Thanks for your clarification for so many who misread them 🙂

    1. Hi Joe!

      So many people think they’re such a bad dog, but man, they’re the opposite! Very protective though, I will say. If they know you, they’re okay. But, they wait for the okay from their owner first before they stop the snarling. That is one thing I love about them, their protective nature. In fact, I think I wrote about how they make good guard dogs –
      I forgot that I had written about that months ago. We were out camping and someone had pulled in close to us. In Alaska, there’s a lot of space and normally, unless you’re in a campground, you’re the only one out there. Anyway, Atlas went crazy with whoever had parked so close to us. It scared us actually, because she sensed something in them that she didn’t like.
      They are great at guarding! That’s for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by Joe! I’m really glad you liked this one!


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