Signs My Dog Is Pregnant – Part 2

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Signs My Dog Is Pregnant – Part 2

If this is the first you’ve been to my site, welcome.  I recently decided to artificially inseminate my dog Atlas two weeks ago.  She’s been showing more signs this last week.  So, what are the signs my dog is pregnant?   Several signs and symptoms, actually.

Each dog shows different signs when they’re pregnant.  For instance, I read that dogs don’t start to nest until they’re two weeks out from birth.  Not Atlas.  Nope, she’s already starting.  She’s emotional right now, as well.  Her teets are starting to swell.  She’s also getting a clear colored discharge that’s new to her.  And, she’s starting to be more hungry, though it’s a little early for that.

First thing, what exactly is nesting and why is she so early?

What Is Nesting?

Female dogs know that they want a safe place for their puppies to be born.  Each dog is different in how they nest.  Some dogs will start to grab blankets and other items to use.  They like to make a place that’s soft and comfortable.  Preferably in a dark, warm place away from noise.

It’s hard work having pups, so they want a safe place.  Sometimes it can be under a bed.  Possibly in a closet.  Anywhere away from the normal noise of a home.  Atlas though, she’s starting to make weird beds on my couch.  For the past week, she’s been dragging blankets to a spot at the end of the couch.  She’s also been getting angry when I pull the blankets back up onto the couch.  Especially when I’m using them!

I’ve recorded her a few times making her guttural growl sound when I go to pull the blankets back up.  She proceeds to grab them forcefully, and tries to make a comfy spot for herself.  Even though she never actually lies down.  She just fluffs and then it’s a game of Tug-A-War.

Another sign is her teets have started to enlarge.  Similar to when she had her faux pregnancy.

Teets May Start To Enlarge.

Just like with humans, dog’s bodies start to get ready for pups.  It usually takes a few weeks for their bodies to prepare for milk.  Well, not with Atlas.  It’s only been two weeks since our attempt.  Now she’s showing clear signs that her body may be getting ready.

I haven’t gotten an Ultra Sound yet.  This is the best test for not only a clear positive, but also to know how many puppies are coming.  So, all these changes Atlas is going through, could be another faux pregnancy.  However, she’s exhibiting clear signs that the AI worked.

For those of you at home that might be concerned, see your Vet.  They can do hormone testing of relaxin in the blood.  They can also listen for heart beats.  Finally, at 30 days from possible pregnancy, they would do an Ultra Sound.

So, while my dog is showing signs of being pregnant, some dogs have false pregnancies.  Be sure to see your vet for confirmation.  Next topic – they may have behavior changes.  This is normal.

Behavioral Changes.

I mentioned that Atlas is starting a weird nesting process. She’s also very, very attached to me as well.  Literally, wherever I go, she follows.  Bathroom, garage, bedroom.  She doesn’t follow my husband, only me.  And it’s everywhere right now.

She’s also attached to laying down with me.  Whether I’m watching a movie on the couch or laying in bed.  Her spot right now, is between my legs.  Of course, she needs to fluff her spot first.  So, she forcefully grabs my blankets and drags them to her supposed comfy spot.  Though, there’s no rhyme or reason to her fluffing.  She just fluffs nonstop.

More often than not, she’s just dragging blankets.  It’s weird.  She’s not bringing them to a safe place either.  It’s just the end of the couch.

She’s also very into kids on TV and has started growling at any random dog she sees, especially on TV.  She’s becoming very protective and it’s showing.  She’s always watched TV, but not like now. It’s almost like she’s hyper-sensitive to any dog or screaming/crying children.

Another change she’s showing is a discharge from her vulva.

They Can Get Discharge.

Okay, if you’re a man reading this, discharge is a fluid that comes from the vulva.  Basically, out of her vagina.  Things can get a little leaky, just so you know.  They can’t help it, it’s natural.  Females go through odd changes when they’re pregnant.  It just happens.

I will say, it smells different from when they’re in heat.  It’s not exactly a pleasant smell, but it’s not foul either.  But it’s more clear versus being red or brown during their heat cycle.  I’d imagine it’s just excess fluids that come from the uterus as the babies develop.  I do know that if the color changes to a greenish color, they’re closer to giving birth.

Keeping an eye on your dogs health is so important during pregnancy. If her discharge were to change in color or odor, that would warrant a visit to the vet. But clear is just fine, so don’t worry. Just be aware of an odd color and foul smell. This could mean different things during pregnancy.

Final Words On, Signs My Dog Is Pregnant.

I’ve discussed several of the signs to be on the lookout for.  Now, Atlas is an odd one.  She’s exhibiting signs and symptoms that usually happen later down the road.  In everything I’ve seen and researched, nesting comes much later.  The odd behavior is normal of course.  Needing more attention, being needy, etc.

The discharge is normal as well, especially after just a couple of weeks.  The teets enlarging is also just slightly early for her.  Normally you can see this around weeks 3-4.  But, her body is just getting ready I suppose.

Her appetite is also a little early.  Normally you wouldn’t want to change their diet so early on.  However, she’s never been one to gorge on food and she only eats when she’s hungry.  So, I haven’t stopped her from cleaning out all the dogs bowls.  I simply just fill them as I need to and they nibble.  Atlas of course, is eating all of them.  As long as she doesn’t gain too much weight, it’s fine though.

She should start to show signs of a bigger belly in the next 2 weeks as well.   different from weight gain for those that don’t know.  Dogs don’t gain weight in the bellies, but rather around their ribs. So, if you can see the play of your dogs ribs when they walk, they’re fine as far as weight.

I’ll continue my documentation of Atlas’ journey as well.  Throughout her hopeful pregnancy, you’ll know all the changes she’s experiencing.  Hopefully this helps you to know more about your dogs changes as well.

2 thoughts on “Signs My Dog Is Pregnant – Part 2

  1. I found some really useful information here! I have a female dog as well and she’s neutered so I don’t have any experience with signs. When I used to live in the Philippines I remember that female dogs always went to a remote place to give birth and so far they didn’t need any help as these dogs are way more independent than the dogs in our society.

    1. Ola,

      Most dogs are able to have natural births, but I believe people wait too long for them to breed. The Vets in my area wouldn’t test my dogs progesterone until she is 2 years old, but that’s actually old for some dogs to mate. Very large dogs like Dane’s aren’t mature enough until they’re 2 years old, but smaller dogs, like Atlas are ready prior to then. In the wild, dogs don’t “wait” for a certain age. The males simply know when they female is ready and they do the deed.
      I believe it’s because humans have interjected that dogs are needing more and more C-Sections than they would if we simply let them mate naturally. Now, while I did an AI on my female – not natural – I did wait until the male attempted to mount her. So, it was partially natural.

      Thanks for reading!


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