Titus Dog Jumper – For Your Bully?

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Titus Dog Jumper

Titus Dog Jumper – For Your Bully?

Baby, it’s cold outside in Alaska! Our temperatures have been in the sub-zero ranges lately. January is typically a pretty cold month. But these last couple of days, well, brrr! So, what do we do for our dogs in these freezing temperatures? Put them in jumpers, of course! The Titus Dog Jumper to be exact.

Bundling up when it’s -1 degree F, or, -18 degrees C is necessary. For our kids, our dogs and ourselves. This means, getting out the warm clothes for our pets. Imagine walking in just a thin layer in this stuff. No way! I wear thick leggings. A long sleeved shirt. A hoodie. Warm socks. Winter boots rated to -40 degree F and last, a warm winter coat.

Knowing that I wear all this to stay warm, what do I do for my dogs? Atlas is really the only one that goes everywhere with me. She gets the Titus Dog Jumper along with a hoodie and a coat or vest. Booties? Depends on if we’re walking.

So, why this jumper?

The Titus Dog Jumper is Fuzzy!

I mentioned that it’s super cold up here. When we go out, Atlas has to stay protected as well. It’s just too cold for our dogs to be outside unprotected. Dogs, like humans, get hypothermia in extreme cold temperatures. While I put her in sweaters and coats, her legs are still exposed.

This Titus Dog Jumper covers her legs so that she stays more warm. I wouldn’t walk outside in shorts right now, so why would Atlas? I get that she’s a dog and has fur. But let’s face it, her fur is so short she might as well be naked. Having her covered from head to toe ensures that she’s kept safe. Even in the crazy cold temperatures of Alaska!

It’s also easy to put on her since it zips up.

It Zips Up!

Not all dog clothing is made equally, let me say. Take for example, clothes with Velcro. It doesn’t work well on big dogs. It always comes undone. That, and it starts to wear out after a few uses. So, I value clothing for Atlas that zips up. Just like with her vests, I always opt for the zip up ones.

Here, you can see that on a warmer day, she wears a sweater and a vest. She actually loves her clothes and she stays warm. Protecting my dogs is essential to me. They’re part of my family, so I care for them like I do my kids. I dress Atlas based on the weather.

Warmer days mean just a vest or sweater. Very cold days, usually a coat as well. If we’re going for long walks, than booties are necessary. But for these cold, cold days, the jumper. Now that I have one!

Easy For Atlas To Go Outside.

I mentioned the ease of having a zipper on the Titus Dog Jumper. A zipper means it’s easy to lay this jumper out and slip it right on her. Often, I’m in a rush to leave the house, so I need something easy. And this jumper is easy to put on. I’ve bought clothes in the past for her that are a pain to get on.

Some dog clothes simply don’t have a lot of stretch. Or, there’s too many things going on that it’s just a pain to get on a dog, period. Now, Atlas is pretty good with clothes. She lets me put her in anything! Atlas just loves her clothes and going places. Especially when she knows she’s going with me.

So, no matter how little time I have, this is easy. I learned to lay it out on the bed, and she’ll just stand over it for me. Then, I slide her legs in starting at the bottom. Next, on to her front legs and zip it up. Done! Plus, this one has some cute add-ons.

It Has Embellishments!

Titus Dog Jumper
The Pockets

Don’t think of embellishments like bedazzled. I mean the faux leather pockets. The little name tag at the top that says “Puppia.”  It’s very cute, I have to admit. I love the cuffs on this as well. Not all dog sweaters have quality cuffs. That means, their claws get caught in them. Once that happens, well, let the fraying begin.

If you’re a woman reading this, then you know that cuffs are important. How many of your clothes have started fraying while wearing them. Next thing you know, you’re dragging strings behind you. Nothing is worse than watching your sweater come apart. Especially when there’s nothing you can do about it.

So, while it might seem like a small thing, cuffs are important. Besides, don’t you just love this Titus Dog Jumper? I sure do!

In The End, It’s For Warmth.

I’ve mentioned a lot about this jumper. While everything I’ve mentioned sounds amazing, it’s about the warmth. The thick layer of this jumper is what brought me to purchase it. Atlas is very short haired. She gets cold, very easily. Even walking the other day when it was warm outside, we had to make the walk quick. It wasn’t so cold to warrant booties, so, a short walk.

She played in the snow for a bit. She ran around the woods and chased birds. As long as she had fun. All the while, I’m keeping an eye on her to see if she’s shivering. I bet, that had I had this jumper, she would’ve been warm all day. But, I’ll have it for next year when it’s cold again.

Alaska always gets cold. It’s a guarantee. So, I buy things for Atlas that I know will last. Quality over quantity any day. Bitch New York hasn’t let me down yet. I’ve bought quite a few things from their site. All of their clothes have stood the test of Atlas. She plays hard, and she loves to chase things in the woods. The cheaper clothing tends to fall apart. Especially when I wash it for the first time.

So, I’m happy with this $88 purchase. I imagine it’ll last for years!

How do you keep your Bullies warm in the cold?

6 thoughts on “Titus Dog Jumper – For Your Bully?

  1. Yes, you said very true things. We also have to take care of our pets as our babies, because they also feel hot and cold. This product is perfectly good for our lovely pets, and the good thing is it’s also colorful. One more thing I saw it they also have pockets :))) They looking also so soft, I can’t wait to see them o my dog.

    1. I love this outfit on Atlas! I have to admit. She stays so warm with this while walking outside. I haven’t been out much because of the extreme cold that we have right now, so hopefully this fades quickly and it warms up again for us. Even with clothes, Atlas starts to shiver, but at least while she’s covered with this, she can be out longer than normal.

      Let me know what you think once it comes in! I’m excited to see!


  2. Hey Katrina,

    I love this article and I love these jumpers. My friends who have a bulldog will be so happy to see this article too. They live in Liverpool and the weather up there is pretty grim at the moment and it won’t get any better for a while. So their bulldog could really do with one of these jumpers.

    I will share this article with them and advise them to invest in one of these jumpers for their dog after they have read and watched the benefits of it from your article.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      That’s awesome, they’ll love it as much as I do! I would imagine liverpool gets pretty chilly as well, just like Alaska. I saw the weather report this morning and it looks like we’re in for the cold spell for about a week now. So, fuzzies for Atlas apparently! But she loves it, so she’ll be happy and warm.

      Thanks for reading this and for sharing! I appreciate it!


  3. When it’s cold like that, I want to put on all the warm clothes that I have in my closet! And yeah, I guess dogs also feel those low temperatures, that’s why they also need to be dressed up properly and accordingly to the weather.

    I don’t have a dog but indeed, I can see that it’s pretty much the same as having a child, you want to take care of a dog as it’s your kid, you want him to feel good and happy.

    I have a question, how do you clean up this dog jumper? I mean, do you wash it as your normal clothes in the washing machine or handwash? Do you have to take into consideration if your dog has some sort of intolerance to chemical substances or there are even special detergents for dogs?

    Thank you for bringing this dog jumper to our attention, I will recommend your article to my friends who have dogs!

    1. Hi Ionut,

      Atlas doesn’t have any allergies to detergents, so I wash her clothes with mine but on a more gentle cycle. Some things I don’t put in the dryer, like her cloth diapers since that ruined the Velcro on them. But, I did sew snap buttons on the other 2 that the Velcro was pretty much gone, so those I throw in the dryer.

      Most of her clothes are fine being dried. With this jumper, because of the faux-leather pockets, I won’t dry this. I’ll hang it to dry. Usually, the fluffy clothes like this are line dried, just like with our fuzzy sweaters with embellishments. They tend to get ruined in one dry cycle.

      Thanks for reading and sharing!


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