Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?

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Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?

I’ve gotten asked this question lately. Can dogs eat applesauce? Well, first, what is applesauce? It’s apples…for the most part. There are some applesauce out there that I would be wary of feeding my dogs. The added ingredients in the applesauce is what can be harmful.

Not all applesauce is organic, nor are they all good for us either. The additives in certain foods is where I tell my readers to beware. While we all want to give in to those puppy dog eyes, dogs can’t eat everything we can. However, apples themselves are very good for dogs. Just not the seeds in high quantities.

Apples have a lot of healthy ingredients in them. I have to say, I give Atlas slices of apples often. Why?

The Many Benefits of Apples.

Apples by themselves are a very healthy fruit. For humans and dogs alike. They contain a ton of fiber first off. Fiber, in case you didn’t know, is good for your gut health. Yes, this covers dogs, too. Fiber is what helps to keep us regular. You know, in the poo department. Dogs benefit from this as much as we do.

Apples also contain Vitamin C which is good for immune health. It also helps form blood vessels, and muscles among other tissues. It also helps with cardiovascular health. In case you didn’t know, dogs benefit from this just as much as we do. I mean, dogs do run a lot!

Apples also contain antioxidants. This helps in cellular repair from any damages done. Basically, as we age, our cells deteriorate over time. It’s the same for our dogs.

Lastly, they contain potassium. Potassium helps with our muscular regeneration as well as contractions. So, if you’re low on potassium, this is the leading cause of muscle cramps.

I don’t see my dogs getting muscle cramps as often as my husband. However, she probably eats better than he does with her food. Food is the number one aspect of a healthy body.

Dogs Benefit from Vitamins like Humans.

Most people don’t think of dogs in terms of healthy diets. Meaning, we always try to focus on ourselves and our diets. But many don’t think about their dogs in the same terms. However, dogs anatomy works much the same as ours. Their central nervous system runs the length of their spine. The immune system operates similarly.

They have muscular fibers that need to be replenished after exercise. Their lungs work the same as ours. So, while we focus on the health of foods for us and our family, we should be thinking of our dogs in much the same way.

All dogs need certain minerals, vitamins, and macro nutrients the same as us. Macro nutrients for those that don’t know are proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Yes, dogs can eat carbohydrates. Their anatomical digestive system has evolved over the course of several thousands of years from their ancestor, the wolf. Dogs have been eating table scraps since 70 BC.

Okay, so now you know about dogs eating apples. What about the applesauce?

Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?

Okay, this is the main question, right? Dogs can eat applesauce. However, they cannot eat some other things that have been added to some applesauce. We’ll get to the additives next.

If you buy a completely organic applesauce, that is straight apples, then I would give that to my dogs. But, I would be sure to look carefully at the ingredients list. There are a lot of sweeteners that are extremely toxic to your dog.

Most applesauce also is made to not contain the seeds of the apple. The seeds, when chewed or ingested contain Amygdalin. Once ingested and broken down, the seeds turn into Hydrogen Cyanide. If you can tell from the name, cyanide is no good.

So, if you want to give your dog applesauce, look for the organic kind. But, what if you don’t have organic?

Non-Organic Applesauce and the Additives.

Human foods have a lot of added sweeteners in them. Why? Because people love sugar. It’s addicting. However, some sweeteners are lethal to our dogs. One such sweetener is Xylitol. It’s commonly found in a lot of foods we buy, and small doses will shut your dogs system down.

Xylitol is commonly found in packaged foods like yogurts, puddings and even peanut butter. Commonly found in chewing gum as well.

This is why I stated above that if you give your dog applesauce, it can not contain Xylitol. Small amounts of this chemical will shut your dogs liver down and put them into a state of hypoglycemia. This is what happens to diabetics when they’re low in their blood sugar count. It can cause seizures and in severe cases, death.

It’s very important that your dog does not get a hold of this chemical in any way.

Conclusion – Dogs Can Eat Applesauce.

Hopefully you know a little more about dogs and apples. Personally, I like to buy apples just for my dogs and slice them up. I find that it has so many benefits for my dogs and they love it as a treat. I haven’t given them the applesauce at this point in time, simply because I’m so wary of the additives.

I also don’t buy applesauce often unless it’s for my kids lunch. But the added sugar always makes me wary, even for my kids. I opt for the natural state of fruits and vegetables more because I know they’re good for them. If you buy the organic sauce and have some just lying around, sure. Give it to your dog. They’ll love it as much as we do.

Apples, however, can be much less expensive and far easier to get a hold of in so many states. Even in Alaska, we often have good deals on bags of apples from the grocery store. My daughters love cutting them up and giving the slices to the dogs as a special treat.

If they happen to swallow a seed or two, don’t freak out. Small quantities aren’t harmful or deadly. It’s in higher quantities that they can be harmful. I still make sure to cut them all out to be sure. But, we know dogs. They like to get a hold of things that aren’t always good for them. Kind of like our kids when not watched. Hmm.

What kind of applesauce do you give your dogs at home? Do they love it?

4 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?

  1. Hi Katrina,
    It’s good to read that sweeteners are dangerous to dogs, making me cautious from now on, and I will have to share your article with other friends who also love dogs. Normally, it’s not very popular in our place to feed dogs apple sauces, but they do keep holding things that aren’t good for them. We only feed them dry dog food from the market, and I will check on the ingredients more often when purchasing them.

    Thanks for sharing today. I will love to read more about dogs from you.


    1. Hi Matt,

      I’m glad you found some use from this article. My dogs actually love getting certain treats from me, and I often try to give to give them more whole foods, like carrots, apples and other items from my fridge rather than relying on treats bought for dogs. Dog treats can contain pretty harmful chemicals in them that can cause dogs to become ill or actually die from organ failure. It’s pretty scary actually. In fact, I recently published an article about a dog becoming ill from dog treats all of a sudden. If you have time, check it out!

      Let me know what you think after you read it! Sure hope this helps!



  2. Thanks for this Katrina. Very good article and similar to the information I gave in mine. I think mine was in one about Thanksgiving for your dog. All the information here should be heeded to by all of your readers. Well done!!

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