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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance for your Bully Breed

Prior to just a year ago, I didn’t know pet insurance existed. If you had said, “Do you have pet insurance for your Bully Breed?” I would have had that look of, “Huh? What is that?” I mean, who has pet insurance? What even is that?

I suppose you can almost think of it like car insurance. You pay a monthly premium in the event something happens to your car. Only, with pet insurance, it’s for your pets. I have pet insurance on my Bully Breed, Atlas. Why?

Several reasons. First, what if something happens? Vet bills are outrageous!

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Accidents Can Happen.

Most of us know that things can happen. At any time. I don’t know about your dogs, but mine like to get into trouble. Atlas especially, is curious. She’s always trying to sniff things out and wander. One of the many reasons I don’t let her outside without a leash. Regardless of that, she can still get hurt.

Even walking our pets, we know not everyone abides by leash laws. In Alaska, dogs are often off leash. If I’m walking one day, and a dog attacks Atlas, I’m screwed. That person may run off. I may not be able to cover the costs associated with an attack. Vets can be costly.

I know that from an attack, the vet bill can be thousands. So, I have insurance and know that if I pay that up front, I’ll get most back.

Pet Insurance Reimburses You.

Unlike most insurance, you still have to pay up front. So, I would have to cover the vet bill, but then I would get the money back. I’ve actually had to make a claim on mine already. Atlas ended up getting yeast infections in both her ears. So, I covered the cost of $497 up front for all the medications.

After paying the bill, I then submitted a claim on her insurance. Now, I will say, there is a deductible that comes with all insurance. Just like with every other insurance out there. So, I didn’t get my money back. However, it went towards the annual deductible. That means, if something else had happened, then I would have gotten reimbursed.

But let’s imagine the worst case scenario.

The Worst Case Scenario.

An ear infection is small in the world of vet bills. Let’s face it, $497 is chump change compared to some things. Had it been worse, I would have been thankful to have pet insurance for my Bully Breed.

In Hawaii, I had a cat that was outside one day. There was a dog that lived not far down the street from us. The dog got off it’s leash and attacked my cat.

This happened in my yard, and technically, I could have forced the person to pay. But they didn’t have any money. What good is it to find fault, when they can’t pay for the vet bill? Well, the worst happened. The dog shook my cat like a milk carton. The owner was able to get the dog off my cat, but the damage was done. The dog has bitten my cat so hard, that his intestines were hanging out.

Now, I wasn’t home for this. Thank goodness I didn’t have to witness this horrendous event. But, my husband did. He called to tell me what happened, but I couldn’t understand him through the tears and frustration. So, I rushed home. What happened?

What Happened?

When I arrived home, I found my cat hiding under the couch, in extreme pain. My husband was in tears and shock and couldn’t focus. So, I told him to lift the couch. I had a towel in my hand already, reached under and pulled my cat out. Yes, he was terrified and cried, scratched, everything. Hence the towel. I wrapped him in it carefully. I told my husband to get in the truck. It took three times of saying this before he looked at me and understood.

Once he was in the passenger seat, I handed him my cat, Persum was his name. I told him to be gentle, but Persum was meowing and crying in pain. I could see his intestines hanging out and knew already what was going to happen. I took him to the ER driving like a crazy person.

The vet took him back right away, and after an hour passed, he came out to talk to me. He told me surgery would be $4K, but there was no guarantee he would survive. The intestines had been punctured, and the risk of infection was too great. I could pay for the surgery, but his chances of survival were less than 5%. Once the feces enters the blood stream, it’s too late.

I chose option two. I had the vet put him down to save his suffering.

What Pet Insurance Would Have Meant.

With insurance, I still would have chosen the latter path I did. I knew his chances were so slim. I hated making that decision, but it had to be done. However, what if his intestines weren’t punctured? What if it was so simple as a dog attack? Then, I would have paid the upfront costs, and been reimbursed 90%. What about those that just can’t afford care? We see them often asking for help. Pet insurance is there to help our pets.

Petfirst Pet Insurance for example covers:

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Hospitilizations
  • Surgery
  • Exams
  • Ultrasounds and X-Rays
  • And much more.

While we don’t always like paying for car insurance, it’s there when we need it. Accidents can happen at any time and often out of our control. So, imagine if something happens to your dog or cat knowing they’re covered. It offers a peace of mind to me, personally. Thankfully, I haven’t had to use it but once. But if something happens to Atlas, I know it’s there.

Not all pet insurance companies cover the same costs. Hereditary issues for example can be difficult to cover. Petfirst covers these costs. For example, if some breeds have eye problems and something happens, you’re covered. Like pugs and sinus issues. Instead of just paying $2K for surgery and not getting it back, now you can.

Always look for the things you need covered when choosing the insurance. It’s very important down the road when you need it. So don’t delay. Get pet insurance for your Bully Breed today.  By using this link you’ll save $10 off your first bill!

8 thoughts on “Pet Insurance for your Bully Breed

  1. Hey there, thanks for sharing this post. I just recently read another similar post about pet insurance and it got me thinking about it. This post gives me even further insights into why it is a good idea to get your pats or pet insured.

    Our family dog had an almost fatal accident a few years ago when a car hit him. Thank goodness, he got out of it with just a minor scratch on the back leg. However, the vet charged us nicely to get him back to health. Maybe if we had insurance, the story would have been different.

    Anyway, once again, thanks for sharing this information. Keep up the good work!

    1. Ivan,

      Pet insurance has definitely grown in popularity in recent years. I never had it on my pets until this last year, and it is sometimes a high monthly fee, but no different than car insurance. I pay more in the event something bad really happens, just to be sure I’m covered.

      I had a friend that was in an accident with a bus, and their car insurance only covered the typical $50K for vehicles. The remaining amount they were sued for in court to pay the difference. They ended up with a lawsuit of $950K out of pocket. I called my insurance agent right away and asked how much a Million policy is. She asked, “What did you do, Katrina?” I told her nothing and laughed, knowing that she knew something was up, but I explained my friends situation and she understood. She said most people don’t have car insurance to cover the cost of new vehicles, especially luxury vehicles, but they get just the minimum to be insured and call it good. I pay close to $500 for 2 cars, an RV, a boat, home and life insurance and I know in any event, we’re covered. Oh and an ATV. So, not bad considering everything we have to be 100% safe and covered. And, our policy covers any crazy luxury vehicle unless it’s a over a Mil. Then I’m screwed. Good thing there’s not many of those up in Alaska!

      I look at the pet insurance the same. If I had the same thing happen as Hawaii, I know my pets are covered and I’ll get the money back. So, I feel better knowing that they could be covered in illness or injuries. I still worry nonstop and keep them with me 24/7, just because they’re special to me, but I like knowing I can get money back for help.

      Hope you find the right one for your pets soon!


  2. So sorry to hear about your cat.

    I think nowadays some vets think they are actually surgeons doing surgery on humans the amount they charge.

    These costs, more than often leave the owners with no choice but to have their beloved pet put down.

    In many cases, pet insurance can be expensive especially for older animals and besides I’d like to hazard a guess that a very high percentage do not have insurance anyway.

    Set that aside and I know vets do a great job though.

    We adopted a female Siamese when she was 10, she’s 12 now and she is an indoor cat but still whilst we would say she is safe, who knows with jumping about what injury she could get.

    Always go for a reputable company and make sure you read the small print because many will do anything to worm their way out of paying.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Mick,

      Yes, many insurance companies do. I always look at the fine print of any contract and make sure I’m covered. Well, and my pets with insurance. What I will say is that each pet insurance is different in what they cover. Pet First is a really good company, actually through Met Life, but I have Healthy Paws for Atlas. ONLY because they are one of the few that covers any issues with breeding. Out of the 5 I looked into, they were the only one. They’re more expensive though, so I didn’t write about that company. Not a lot of people are worried about breeding costs being covered, whereas I am. As for just simple insurance that isn’t super expensive to cover injuries or illness, this is a good one that I stand by.

      Thanks for reading and glad you liked it!


  3. That story about your cat is so sad … and it happened in your own yard … We all need to be so careful, even when we think our dogs and cats are safe in the garden …
    In Belgium, where I’m from, pet insurance is mandatory, and if you have a Bully breed or any other breed that is considered “dangerous” the insurance may have a higher cost … I don’t know if they still have that rule about Bully breeds … I hope not, When I lived in Belgium my dogs and cat were insured. It is a relief to have that insurance, because you do not have to worry about not being able to pay the vet anymore. Costs can still be high, but the insurance helps a great deal.
    Does the insurance that you recommend cover pets in the US or also internationally?

    1. Christine,

      I’m not sure about international. I know the company is covered by Met Life insurance and I’m not sure if that’s just an American company or both. I know they’re a very large insurance company, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were international.

      I don’t know why American doesn’t make it mandatory, especially since it’s so expensive to take your animals to the vet. As for the Bully breeds, it’s not more expensive, it’s the same. Some breeds are higher in cost if they have genetic issues that can arise though. So, there is that.

      I pay more for Atlas with a different company that covers breeding issues. I had to really dig for a company that covers if I breed and things that can come up with that like a C-section. Pet First doesn’t cover breeding issues, but they’re less than what I pay for Atlas. I still stand by them, they’re actually a really good Pet Insurance company that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have. I just had to get a different one specifically for Atlas is all.

      I still use this one for my other 2 dogs. It’s less, and they’re not getting pregnant! 🙂



  4. Hi Katrina,

    Let me just say Wow, this is a remarkable post. I’ve always known the value in having pet insurance but hearing what you personally had to go through shook me up especially about your cat, I’m sorry to hear that, and part of it has to do with what I’m currently going through with my dog Gizmo(which I’ll get to in a moment).

    This article hit me at the right time I’ll say. Like you said, accidents can happen and in certain states, you have to be careful because of the leash laws, and while it’s not quite like a third world country where you see pets all over the street, you do have to take every situation seriously, because you never know, right?

    Pet Insurance is super helpful because I can get reimbursed and on the annual deductable you leave room for getting your money back if another incident occurred.

    We have to look at the future meaning of having pet insurance and I know many of us shy away from getting it in the first place thinking “Oh, nothing will happen, we’re in a safe environment and my pet is young”, but all it takes is one slip up…

    And we end kicking ourselves in the foot. If we really care about our pets and treat them like family and even regardless of that, investing in Pet Insurance is a necessity.

    Our Dog Gizmo of 14 years(Peekapoo – toy poodle) is having troubles right now with opening his mouth and cries when he does, so at the time I’m writing this I have 10 minutes before we have to take him to the vet for an examination to see what’s going on. Plus. he hurt his leg jumping off my low to the floor bed(thinking like he’s 5 years old) like he usually does by himself and hurt his leg, so he’s been on that for some time.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your very helpful article Katrina.


    1. Michael,

      I’m so sorry to hear about Gizmo having a hard time opening his mouth. I would imagine it’s either an abscessed tooth (dogs get them too, just like we do) and it’s causing pain through his muscles in his jaw, or, he could also have an ear infection. So many things can affect our mouths, even for dogs. We’re very similar in our anatomy and ailments we can get.

      His leg being injured is also sad. Small dogs are so fragile, it’s hard to watch them pain. Buttons – my 2.5 lbs Chihuahua is extremely fragile too. She’s so tiny that any jump can hurt her. She jumped off the bed a long time ago and started limping on her paw right after. I checked it out (we didn’t know she jumped) and ended up making a stint for her. Her leg was in that for about a week before she stopped limping, and now she’s just fine. But I always worry about her, especially now that she’s getting older.

      Pet insurance to me is a need for my dogs. I couldn’t imagine not having it, something happening and then what? How do I pay for their health? You can’t just not pay a Vet. They keep the pet until you can. Then you run the risk of someone else paying and being able to keep your pet. To me, it would be like the doc requiring payment on my kid, not being able to pay and now my kid goes home with someone else. No way!

      I’ve only had Atlas for almost 2 years, but she is a family member through and through. The kids love her, my hubby loves her, she’s just so special, it’s hard to even put it in words. As soon as she was 3 months, I looked for the insurance and knew I needed it. Since then, I haven’t regretted it one day.

      I really hope Gizmo is okay. I’m worried about him now. Let me know.

      Thanks for reading!


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