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Best Dog Food For Pit Bulls

The topic of which food is the best dog food for Pit Bulls has popped up recently. If you know anything about my articles, then you already know I’m a big food advocate, even when it comes to our furry friends. Many people question which dog foods are the best. Does dog food differ from breed to breed? No, all dog foods should contain the essential nutrients, no matter the breed of dog.

However, some dogs are more athletic than others. So, based on your dogs activity levels will depend on which foods you should choose to give them. Take for example, a dog that’s lazy and sleeps all day. Would you give them a high calorie food? Probably not. Then, you have the very active dogs, like Pit Bulls. They need a more calorie dense food than the sleepy dogs.

But, which dog foods are actually good?

Choosing Your Dogs Food.

Dog food is about as corrupt as human food. There are so many dog foods out there that have crap in them. I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole. I surely wouldn’t feed them to my dogs! But how do you know what to choose?   Well, the ingredients list is the first place I look when choosing my dogs food.

I look for ingredients that I know aren’t good. One of them being meat by-products. Basically, this ingredient is telling you that it’s all just a bunch of leftover “stuff” from the slaughterhouse. I won’t get into too much detail because I already wrote a whole article around what “meal” is.

Another thing to look for are fillers. Corn, wheat, and other stuff. Dogs don’t need to eat ears of corn all day, every day. It would be like you eating an ear of corn every single day. That would be boring and you’d be lacking in a lot of nutrients. Look for actual meats and vegetables, things you can pronounce.

Yes, dogs need this stuff, just like we do.

Cost Can Be An Issue.

I get that the economy isn’t exactly thriving right now. It’s not for anyone unless you’re the lucky few that have survived this pandemic. Dog food can be very costly when it comes to the high quality stuff. Most people really can’t afford that, to be honest.

In fact, I’m sure some are struggling to feed their dogs period right now. Especially those out of jobs. But, the good news is, not all good dog foods are super expensive. Now, I’ve been super broke in the past. I’m not going to lie. I fed my dogs Beneful for a very, very long time. They were fine. No health issues, long full lives.

Do I buy it now? No. I buy Wellness. Only because I know it’s actually a good dog food. In fact, it’s the best dog food for Pit Bulls. It has high quality protein, healthy grains and the nutrients they need. They do sell them as grain free, but that’s not what I feed my dogs.

To grain, or not to grain you might ask?

Grain or No Grain? That is the Question.

Grain free dog food has become a huge marketing gimmick. Same as what we’ve been led to believe as well. Grains are bad for you! Don’t eat carbs, it makes you fat! All false. Dogs don’t need grain free, just like we don’t need all meat all day. In fact, dogs intestinal tract has evolved to eat grains. They’ve been living beside humans since 70 BC and have been eating table scraps since then. Yes, this includes bread!

Grain free has been a huge marketing trend for dogs. There’s no scientific evidence that supports that dogs shouldn’t eat grains. Now, if your dog is allergic, that’s one thing. Lots of Bully Breeds tend to have allergies, so you’ll need to watch for this.

However, most of the top Grain Free food brands for dogs have been recalled for causing heart failure. It’s like Dr. Atkins. That’s right, he died of heart complications. You don’t say? He ate meat all the time! And not the good kind either. So, why would we do this to our dogs?

Other Dog Food Recalls.

So many dog foods have had recalls over the last 100 year’s. There’s always something going wrong with these brands, especially the really popular ones that cost an arm and a leg. In fact, it took me months of research just to find the one I use that had only one recall. And that was for too many vitamins. Well then. Seems alright to me.

Watching the recalls on dog food, especially the so-called best dog food for Pit Bulls blatantly plastered all over social media and TV is important. Why? Well, if you just bought spinach, and there was a massive recall due to E.Coli in spinach, wouldn’t you want to know?

Watching the FDA’s website will alarm you to new recalls. In fact, Sportmix just had a big one not long ago. Dogs were getting extremely ill from this food and people needed to know ASAP.

If you don’t want to run the risk of recalls, or expensive foods, or looking at ingredients, another option is make your own.

Making the Best Dog Food for Pit Bulls.

The APBT’s need a high quality protein such as chicken, beef or fish. They also should have healthy grains like brown rice or oatmeal. Oatmeal, believe it or not, is really good for their coat! They also need the vegetables and some fruits like apples. Be sure to remove the seeds please. Definitely not good for dogs.

Vegetables can be things like peas, carrots and green beans. The protein that you choose can even be that freezer burnt stuff you normally throw away. I took a bunch of last year’s salmon, cooked it up and mixed it together with the rice and veggie mix. I made a huge container of it for my dogs. It lasted about 3 weeks. Let me tell you, they gobbled it up! Loved it more than they do their dog kibble from the store.

That’s one of the best methods of dog food too. Besides, most people have some sort of freezer burnt meat. Or, you can find it on the marketplace near you. Usually, people will give away this burnt stuff for free if you look.

Hopefully now you know more about dog food. Especially, the best dog food for Pit Bulls. If not, ask me questions! I love giving recommendations!

How about you? What’s the best dog food for your Pit Bulls? Do you buy it, or cook it? Do they love it? What about the raw diet? I hear dogs love this stuff! Share with us and others so they know more!

2 thoughts on “Best Dog Food For Pit Bulls

  1. I’ve been trying to feed mine with vegetables only. He mostly loves beans, carrots, and broccoli, but also never forgets to give me the stares when I eat my steaks at night.

    I usually serve his food raw, but I was reading an article the other day that said that cooked food is way better (boiled, to be more precise) for his digestive system. What are your thoughts on this?


    1. Gorjan,

      Honestly, dogs digestive systems can handle raw food to be honest. The only concern I’ve always had with raw is the amount of chemicals inside most meats that we get a hold of these days. I watched a documentary the other day, well, several to be honest. In one, it shows the meat processing plants and what really goes on behind the scenes of these plants. I wrote about the chicken meal that’s in most dog foods and how it’s really just chicken carcasses, blood and other tissue that can’t be sold in the super markets. However, with the pigs in the actual documentary that I watched, the pigs that die are left to sit in a tub in the heat of North Carolina where they await to be picked up by trucks to be processed and turned into bone meal. While sitting in the heat, the bodies start to emit gases and break down and start the decomposition phase and they start to swell. Meat, raw, left in the heat festers bacteria quickly. Once transported, then they’re turned into the bone meal that often used in many foods that we buy today. Sorry – I’m getting to the point. Anyway, these dead pigs are eventually turned into feed that are then placed in the feed that gets fed back to the pigs. Basically, humans have made cannibalism a norm in the agricultural industry.

      The pigs that are still live, because of their poor diets, end up getting sores filled with pus. They have infections all over their bodies and the while going down the path for processing, the cysts are often popped while on the conveyor belt. The pus then runs onto the raw meat and this is what is cut up and sent to the stores.

      I mention all this because, our raw meat, as bought from the stores, will have this infectious pus on it. Without cooking the meat, this bacteria can spread and cause sickness, especially food poisoning, which is more prevalent today than ever before.

      I choose to cook the meat I give Atlas for this reason alone. Even the salmon that I catch in Alaska, which yes, dogs CAN EAT RAW, technically. However, I’ve caught salmon in the rivers that are full of worms. The worms run the entire length of the meat and throughout. It’s disgusting actually. And many fishers feed this meat to their dogs because they won’t eat it. Worms have the ability to spread from one life to another. No matter the species. So, I ALWAYS cook the meat. Just be sure to never give pork bones or chicken bones to your dogs. I actually stopped giving Atlas even beef bones because the bones can take weeks to full digest and can impact their intestines if chunks get through. So, she gets boneless now to be sure.

      I hope this answers your question. It sounds like your dog gets a pretty healthy diet plan, but I would include meat based protein since dogs are carnivores and while their digestive system has adapted to be more like ours over time, it’s still not a replicate of ours.

      I actually am going to do some research though on whether dogs need a certain amount of animal based protein in their diets to be healthy compared to plant based proteins and vegetation. Hopefully, I’ll learn more soon and can fill people in better. Especially since I found out that humans aren’t meant to eat animals, period. My nutrition schooling is run by the USDA and the National Assoc of Dietetics, and everything I learned about animal based protein was false. So, now I get to learn about my dogs. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed this one!!


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